My name is Juliet, and when I was nine, I discovered Asterix. I was immediately captivated by the stories, and particularly fascinated by the food. Who wouldn’t want to try wild boar sizzling on a spit or stuffed dormice (I’ve always been an adventurous eater). It was a world far beyond my suburban New Zealand life of ham sandwiches in my lunchbox and meat-and-three-veg for dinner.

Unfortunately, a nerdy child is an easy target for teasing, so I suppressed my fascination, only to have it awake again as an adult. Today I am a proud nerd, with a background in linguistics and communication, I now get to be a Nerd Of All Things in my professional work at the local museum. This blog is the perfect place for me to explore the language, culture, fashions and history of what we eat today: what makes us human and different from our past. It’ll probably get lost in the ether. But at least I’ll have my own record of my exploration of the tastiest side of history: food.